Patrick Cullis Photography

  I bought my first digital SLR in late 2008 when I went to Antarctica to spend a year at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.  With the year split evenly between six months of day and six months of night, I got pretty good at photographing without sunlight.  I love the light at night.  Colors are deeper and moonlight subtle.  I love photographing the milky way and the aurora were incredible.  I would photograph for fifteen minutes until the batteries froze, then thaw everything out for an hour.  I'm amazed that original 5D still works to this day.  Working in Antarctica I was also in charge of launching science instruments on balloons up to over 100,000 feet to monitor the annual Antarctic Ozone Hole.  When I got back to Boulder, Colorado after a year on the ice, I realized that I still preferred photographing at night.  With the iconic Flatirons in my back yard, I had the perfect subject to keep building my skills.  I also knew that I wanted to launch cameras up on balloons to photograph all of the glory of Colorado.  Balloons are able to rise up in to the thin air of the stratosphere, high above where airplanes fly, yet far below the top-down views from satellites and the internationl space station.