Patrick Cullis Photography

  I bought my first digital SLR in late 2008 when I went to Antarctica to spend a year at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.  With the year split evenly between six months of day and six months of night, I got pretty good at photographing without sunlight.  I love the light at night.  Colors are deeper and moonlight subtle.  I love photographing the milky way and the aurora were incredible.  I would photograph for fifteen minutes until the batteries froze, then thaw everything out for an hour.  I'm amazed that original 5D still works to this day.  When I got back to Boulder, Colorado after a year on the ice, I realized that I still preferred photographing at night.  With the iconic Flatirons in my back yard, I had the perfect subject to keep building my skills.  Another skill I learned while launching science instruments in to the Ozone Hole over Antarctica for a year was high altitude balloons.